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Make Money Selling Domain Names

There's a little-known money-maker that eludes most marketers, even though it's something that most everyone has done at least once in their lifetime... and that is to buy domain names. Just like real estate in the offline world, domain names can be worth more when you hold onto them for a while, then sell them for a profit later. Some domain names actually sell for thousands of dollars. So if you can choose the right domain names to buy, you can make a healthy profit.

This article will explore some of the ways that you can make money selling domain names, and provide you with eight good guidelines to follow.

1. When it comes to domain names, dot com names are by far the most popular, yet they have fewer names available than dot net or other domain names. Therefore it's always good to search for domain names that end in dot com first.

2. It's not true that all good domain names are already taken. In fact, you can subscribe to special lists that inform you of the details of domain names that are about to expire. Then you can purchase them as soon as they become available.

3. There's no use purchasing domain names that no one will ever want to buy... It pays in the long run to research the niche of the domain names that you buy, so you can be sure that they will be in high demand.

4. Physically searching for domain names can be an arduous task, made much easier by using a good domain name search tool. Alternatively, you can subscribe to newsletters that advise you of quality domain names currently available, or about to expire.

5. When you find an available domain name that you think will resell well in the future, it's worthwhile looking for similar domain names at the same time to secure in your portfolio.

6. It's important to spend as little as you can to register domain names. Some places offer discounts for bulk ordering. Either way, aim not to spend more than $10/yr for the domain names that you register.

7. When it comes time to sell a domain name that you have, you can promote it on auction sites and domain sales sites online. There are also web sites that will sell your domain name on your behalf for a small fee.

8. Always aim to make a good profit with the sale of your domain name, but don't outprice yourself in the market. There are many domain names that will never be sold, because the asking price is just too outrageous. Keep your price at an affordable, reasonable level to turnover more domain name sales.

Put to practice, this information should help you enormously when it comes to making money selling domain names.

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