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Many people who come online to make money that hold few skills, often wonder about what it is they can do to make an extra income. Here's one proven method of generating profits in a short space of time that you should consider.

Domain names and the web site content they hold are considered prime real estate on the world wide web, and there's a term called 'flipping' that proves you can make money selling websites online. This article gives you 10 tips on how to get started flipping web sites.

1. Choose a niche that has a recognised audience. There's no use trying to build or buy a web site in a niche that doesn't have a following. The whole aim of flipping a web site is to make a profit, so the more popular a niche, the higher chance you'll have of making a good, decent profit.
2. Buy a relevant domain name, and other similar domain names in the same niche. Take advantage of discounts or bulk purchases through cheaper domain sites like etc.
3. If you have creative skills, then create a new web site from scratch. All you need to do is buy a good domain name, then create the content and drive traffic to the site.
4. Short on time and creative skills? Search online for web sites for sale, and pick up a bargain that you can enhance and add content to for a quick profit.
5. If you are able to find content, but don’t have graphic design skills, consider using a template for your web site. You can find free or paid web site templates online.
6. Membership sites are a good type of site to sell because they have an established audience. As a matter of fact, ANY site that has a member list, customer list or opt-in list of any kind has value. When you think that each member of a list has the potential to generate $1/mth, the possibilities are endless!
7. Do your homework and research the internet for a niche that is popular right now. Don’t choose one that might be out of fashion next month, but one that has the potential to grow over time. You want your customer to be happy with their purchase.
8. Make sure your site is making money before you attempt to sell it. Aim to be making at least $500-$1000/mth for a better profit margin. Have proof available to show your prospective buyers should that be required.
9. The perfect type of person to approach to buy your web site is the most popular sites in that niche, or their competition.
10. When you find the right combination, flip your first web site for profit, duplicate that process and repeat it again for further profits.

There are 2 more factors that you can utilise, and 3 areas to be aware of before flipping web sites. To become successful when you make money selling websites, please visit the web site below:

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